Monday, May 6, 2013

Jet Airways makes moves on A330s and more.....

Neelam Mathews
May 6, 2013
A Jet Airways A330 that was chartered for the Big Fat Gupta wedding in Johannesburg, would have returned by now and the controversy died down- even as the carrier firms up plans for its six A330-200s, AerospaceDairy learns.
Abu Dhabi beckons
Initially, Jet was to lease the 6 A330s to Etihad for which 60 cabin crew were selected for training in Abu Dhabi for nine months, but within a week of getting the notice, the decision was cancelled, we hear. The six A330s we believe, will take off from Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore to Abu Dhabi to three points in Europe of which Brussels and Milan are included. The third point could be Paris or Amsterdam. We could not confirm. (Etihad Airways and Air France have announced a number of new codeshare destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe for summer 2013).
We had earlier broken the story on Jet looking at ordering a large number of aircraft-perhaps at the Paris Air Show- of which the 737 MAX is sure do get more than honorable mention. It is likely that Jet may now be asking to change the 787-800 order to 787-900s (Etihad has also opted for the 900s) that we believe, has greater flexibility on international routes.

Meanwhile, just speaking on a hunch and no confirmation on this, Jet is almost sure to ask for an A-380 approval to fly from Mumbai to London in coming months. Could it possibly lease the aircraft from Etihad when it gets delivery. Or even to New York via AD? . 
Minister Ajit Singh, when asked by us if permission would be given to the A-380 flying into India, said: "Not now." That surely doesn't mean, "Not Later"!

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