Friday, April 26, 2013

Exclusive! Jet Airways- More aircraft in the offing?

Neelam Mathews
April 26, 2013
It’s a page from Arabian Nights. As Jet Airways rubbed the lamp, out came the genie with Etihad! And now if Aladdin – our very own Jet- plays its cards right, which we have no doubt it will, its going to be great going.
Here at AerospaceDiary, we’re hearing Jet plans to announce an order for 200 Boeing 737 Max, the new-engine variant, powered by CFM’s LEAP-1B engines said to reduce fuel burn, and 777s. We couldn’t confirm the figure for the wide-bodies. Also, we're hearing, but could not confirm, that the first of its ten ordered 787s (following some cancellations) may now be delivered end of December instead of 2014. Whether this order is scheduled for announcement at the Paris Air Show in June, we can only hazard a guess.
And once Etihad gets its A380, we are likely to see it land in Jet colors- next year perhaps? We’re hearing it will be leased from its partner- Etihad-who else! Will be interesting to see how the government views this as (officially),Jet is not our national carrier and refusing flights of the A380 was to shield our maharajah from marauding foreign carriers! (So much for competition).
Also folks, Nikos, CEO of Jet is not making a hurried exit, we hear, as reported widely. He is off to the U.S to attend to some medical issues. We wish him speedy recovery.

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  1. Nice to hear such positive news for Indian aviation wich is in despair for half a decade...I follow your posts.. Appreciate your work..keep posting.. Thank you.