March 25, 2013
IPR and TOT remain 
fragile and not fully-
understood subjects
in aerospace offsets.
Training and 
Certification Program 
on Transfer of 
Technology and 
Property Rights 
in Aviation and Aerospace Industry on Monday, 22nd April, is being held
in New Delhi to address issues plaguing the industry.
Ajay Batra, Managing Partner and CEO of World Intellectual Property Rights Bank 
asked me to share this with those interested. (+919910863666). 
The full day- workshop will cover the interrelation of TOT portfolios and IPRs. 
And, also why it is it important to have a demonstrable IPR capability and
maturity in aerospace companies. A session on Management of IPRs in 
TOT programs will include a basic awareness program on IPRs in Aviation
and Aerospace industry. "Understanding TOTs from an OEMs perspective
and attracting TOT business is an important aspect which we will 
highlight," says Batra.