Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tony Fernandes- Taking centerstage

Neelam Mathews
March 27, 2013 

An industry person told me the other day, my blog posts had recently been covering a lot of AirAsia. For a person who believes in being fair, that came as a surprise.
However, looking back, I must confess the person was right, I must clarify- this isn't because of any  agenda, but simply, because, like it or not, founder of AirAsia Tony Fernandes always manages to stand out bigger than life! By the looks of it, Indian aviation media will keep pretty busy in the time to come! As a member of the fourth estate, I welcome all  competitors in the airline business to scream your hearts out. A promise- your voice will be heard and noted!
        Tony tweets-  The Apprentice. Crew who are going to be in the show.
            All we can see is the face on the plane. Hell of a way of making a point!


  1. Ms Neelam,

    I really honor your views. For a man who runs his empire without splurge, pomp or show but by hard-work and determination certainly deserves the pedestal. You'll always have me as a fan of your good read!


  2. Dear Ms. Mathews,

    I heard in a recent aviation conference in Delhi that.... compared to airlines, it is more difficult for DGCA to monitor safety standards of general aviation operators as there are over 100 indepenedent GA entities (mostly with 1 to 3 aircraft), compared to just 6 odd airlines. The logic is understandable. But the danger then needs to be taken into account. It would be nice if respected journos like you could take the lead in highting this aspect. While not glamouros (like Air Asia), only good will come out of any such initiative.

    With best regards,