Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Opinion- Is India being mocked?

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 The Supreme Court of India usually does not believe every assurance or document placed before it in case they lack practical aspects. It is beyond understanding how Supreme Court trusted the affidavit of the Italian Ambassador that Italy would honor the commitment given by its Ambassador in India for return of Italian marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen in Indian waters. This is at a time when diplomatic immunity available to Italian Ambassador cannot book him for filing a false affidavit.
The fact that Italy accepts postal ballots was ignored for which the accused were allowed to visit their home-land. Are other foreign accused in India also granted such liberty to visit their homeland and that too twice with a gap of just few weeks to celebrate their festival and voting in elections? Law-officers of Indian government never pressed with forceful and effective plea at Supreme Court against accused being allowed so liberally to visit their homeland.
It is indeed a matter of great concern that nations especially like Italy take India for a ride so easily making a mockery of India at a global level because of the lenient attitude of Indian political rulers, apart from hurting interests of country and its people. 
All this is happening because of a lack of accountability and responsibility where no political ruler owns responsibility for such fatal decisions affecting the interests and prestige of country. It seems that it was a conspirated attempt of some ones at highest level for letting accused Italian marines leave India, with even a treaty on the aspect signed with Italy within days after Italian marines left India. 
No lesson was learnt from earlier similar episodes when several such accused including Warren Anderson who was allowed a free run from India with the backing of political rulers.

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  1. There is the difference between India and China. Both have certain degree of corruption, but Chinese leaders/politicians do not sell the country away. India is not being mocked at, India is being sold off for personal gain by almost everyone who can. Aam Aadmi cannot do anything because the only available mechanism - voting - does not seem to change the course. It is perhaps because the voter himself/herself is equally corrupt and is just trying to fill his/her little bowl anyway he/she can. Aadhar is another way for politicians to give away public money for votes or to fill up their own pockets through fake accounts. Is here any discussion on this subject by the economists from either side - left or right?