Friday, March 8, 2013

Opinion India- Sleeping Beauty- Where art thou heading?

Neelam Mathews
March 8, 2013
Is there a reason why our growth has slowed down? Are we really surprised? The comedy of errors just doesn't stop.
The around 13 hotels -mostly international chains- being built in the Aerocity near the Delhi airport, at a combined project cost of approximately Rs 10,000 crore that will add 5,500 additional rooms to the Capital, for which clearance certificates were stopped around 6 months ago, (of which some) have received a very strange solution that ensures they can start doing business in Delhi, AerospaceDiary learns.
You might recall, lo and behold, one fine day, when most of the hotels were completed, it was noted by our very security conscious government that all buildings in the area will need to incorporate modern security and surveillance infrastructure. 
Now contractors have been informed there is a very simple solution. Just bulletproof the side of the building that faces the runway! Really? 
All hotels facing the runway have refused to do so as they say the costs will be too high . Besides, who says the person with evil intent can't just go up to the roof and fire a MANPAD? Or even simpler, open his bullet proof window!
FHRAI put it rather subtly, calling the suggestion "impractical and unreasonable." We call it stupid.
Who gave permission to the hotels without considering the ramifications? Please, don't blame the business firms - time for sacrificing some heads in high places. 
Incidentally, the hotels were being developed according to the approved master plan and statutory clearances including a no-objection certificate from the Airports Authority of India. We can only tear our hair in desperation!

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