Friday, March 1, 2013

Aviation Budget- A Damp Squib

Neelam Mathews 
March 2, 201
"Let them eat cake," said Marie -Antoinette in 1789 when told her French subjects had no bread. And while this remark fueled a revolution which led to her losing her head, one doubts this will happen in a hurry to the government that refuses to see aviation as an essential part of India's growth graph.
Interestingly, a reader told AerospaceDiary the finance minister took 5 minutes talking about  how air conditioned restaurants were being taxed and 30 seconds on aviation- and that too even as he mentioned MRO, he added this could be checked out in the main document.
Really Mr Minister? Aviation to you is clarifying a notification and extending the period of duty on spares from 3 months-which was not used by anybody anyway - to one year? What happened to regional connectivity to remote cities that you so wanted to garner votes for? Or did you think by starting a woman's bank you have won the sympathy of more that half the population anyway?
All this talk on ATF in the past? Just hot air? How can we as an industry trust you anymore?
Ofcourse, the question is, do you really care?

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