Friday, February 15, 2013

Emmar MGF dissociates itself from AW Deal

Neelam Mathews
Feb 15, 2013

Press Statement tells media to lay off

This has reference to certain reports in sections of media regarding Emaar MGF Land Limited’s association with a Mr Guido R Hashke.
While Mr Guido R Hashke was an independent non-executive director for an extremely brief period of approximately two months i.e. Emmar September 25, 2009 to December 7, 2009, Emaar MGF has had no association with him or any of his businesses/associates other than this.
Mr. Hashke was appointed on the Board of the Company due to the statutory requirement of having certain number of independent directors on the board to be a publicly listed company. Therefore he was appointed as an independent director to fulfill the requirements of the company's proposed IPO at that time.
As per the information disclosed to the Company, Mr. Hashke was a registered consultant to the World Bank for Asset Trading and Debt Restructuring and was appointed on basis of his experience with international financial sector and was recommended by the
 financial advisors as were other independent directors.
We wish to state on record that he did not attend any board meeting during his tenure of appointment and infact has never visited our offices at any time nor has had any meetings with any of our officials at any time. Furthermore, he has not represented the company in any forum at any time.
It would be much appreciated if Emaar MGF is not featured in any story involving Mr Guido R. Hashke, since we are in no way connected to him or any of his businesses.
Such reportage presents an incorrect and misleading image of our company and obviously is an attempt to sensationalise the issue by linking our name to the story.
We request the media to kindly do proper research and due diligence before attaching
 our name in this story.
Spokesperson, Emaar MGF Land Limited.

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