Friday, December 7, 2012

Welcome to India- Tourist visa revised

Neelam Mathews
Dec 7, 2012 
India has withdrawn the two month gap for visits of foreign nationals to India on a tourist visa. The exceptions are nationals of Afganistan, Pakistan, Sudan, China, Iraq and Bangladesh. 

“IATO had been constantly pleading with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs and through the Ministry of Tourism to withdraw 60 day restriction clause for re-entry after visiting the neighboring countries as this was dampening the tourist interest and tourists were being harassed. This was also taken up with PMO and raised at various platforms” , said Subhash Goyal President Indian Association of Tour Operators.


  1. I read that in the print edition of The Times of India I was very happy about that.
    I was hoping for some verification of that, though. I have now done a search and found which still shows the old rules.
    Do you know of any government or other, official websites that give the new information?

    1. This release came through IATO and I've seen the govt circular. You might like to contact them. And thanks for checking our blog!