Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Russian Helicopters delivers a consignment of Mi-17B-5s to India

Neelam Mathews
Dec 19, 2012

Russian Helicopters has delivered another consignment of Mi-17B-5 helicopters to India as part of a contract signed by Rosoboronexport and India's Ministry of Defense in 2008. The final delivery is scheduled for 2013.
The Mi-17B-5 has been built to the requirements of the Indian Ministry of Defense. The helicopters are equipped with new VK-2500 engines that have an electronic control system and deliver enhanced power performance, important in hot climates and at high altitudes. "Should one engine fail, the reserve power provided by the second engine ensures safe operation through to landing. The on-board systems allow the helicopter to operate day and night in all weather conditions. A new navigation system has been developed for this version of the Mi-17B-5 that shows all of the piloting and navigation information on four multifunctional display screens, significantly reducing the crew's workload," says a spokesman.

The medium multirole Mi-17 is the export version of the Mi-8. 

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