Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kingfisher reacts to Gulf News

Neelam Mathews
Dec 12, 2012
Even as we posted a portion of the story released in an ME newspaper, we received a request from the corp com of UB group to post this letter of protest to the publication denying the quote attributed by the author of the piece. A case of perhaps over-enthusiasm to see KFA flying again by the paper!
As said earlier, Aerospace Diary could not confirm the news. Though we do hear that due diligence by Etihad has been done thoroughly on Kingfisher. We are also hearing what a nightmare the airline will have in dealing with the cannabalized aircraft.
For the sake of a gesture of fairness by our community, we thought it only fair that we publish the letter. Though we hope the publication that wrongly quoted him, will do too.
A reminder to ourselves:
Here goes the UB email to:
The Correspondent
Gulf News
New Delhi, India

Dear Ms. Madan:

I am writing to protest a quote that has been wrongly and incorrectly attributed to me in a story titled “Etihad 'buys stake in debt-ridden Indian carrier Kingfisher”  and which has appeared online with your by line.
The quote attributed to me as excerpted from the story says, ‘Prakash Mirpuri, Vice-President, Corporate Communications, United Breweries (UB) group, refused to divulge much details but expected the year to end on a positive note. “I would not like to comment on speculation but I can tell you that we are likely to have a wonderful Christmas. Hope you would appreciate that being a listed company, one is bound with certain governance-related legislations. However, without any degree of definiteness, it will be prudent on my part to just say things are good with us,” Mirpuri told the Gulf News.’
I categorically deny having made any such statements to you or indeed to anyone at Gulf News during the course of the day today.
In light of this, you are requested to please carry a prominent corrigendum immediately clarifying the factual position in this regard to set the record straight.

Prakash Mirpuri
Vice President - Corporate Communications
The UB Group

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