Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indian Army RFI for Electro Optical systems out

Neelam Mathews
Dec 17, 2012
The Indian Army is planning to procure Electro Optical Systems to be                  
co-mounted on the 17 Meter MAST for simultaneous electronic surveillance display
feed alongwith input of BFSR (MR).  “With a view to identify probable vendors who
can undertake the said project the OEMs/Vendors are requested to forward
information on the product which they can offer.,” says the RFI of which the last date of submission is Jan 31, 2013.
Some of the RFI queries:
Q1. Is the Electro optical system (EOS) passive or active?   
Q2. Can the EOS be integrated on the existing 17 meter mast alongwith the BFSR (MR)
radar for simultaneous functioning? Does it lend itself to be easily fitted without jeopardizingthe functioning of the BFSR (MR) radar?
Q3. Are  the ranges of the EOS ( TI and CCD Camera) capable of achieving the following in case of Class ‘A’ vehicles:-
(a) Detection  20km.
(b) Recognition 12km.
(c) Identification 06km.
Q4. Does the EOS have the following major components:-
(a) A Thermal Imager.
(b) A CCD Camera.
(c) A Laser Range Finder.
(d) Geo Positioning device.
(e) Digital Magnetic Compass.
Q5. Can the EOS generate a display giving the coordinates of the target? What are the
details that can be generated giving the configuration and components specified? Can the display be captured and transferred as an image file?    
6. Does the EOS have a image presentation capability for video output? What is the
Q7. What is the power requirement of the complete EOS system?
Q8. What is the interfaces available? Ethernet/RS-232/RS-485?
Q9. What is the sub system capability? 

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