Sunday, October 21, 2012

Opinion-Recover 7000 crore rupees by auctioning Vijay Mallya’s properties and companies, says Guinness record holder

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)
With curtains now finally lowered by authorities ordering suspension of air-licence for Kingfisher, Union government should take immediate steps to ensure recovery of public-funds including a debt of rupees seven thousand crores of public-sector banks before Vijay Mallya succeeds in his efforts to save his enormous property and assets in his other money-minting companies from recovery-proceedings of Kingfisher Airlines. 

Passports of Vijay Mallya and his family-members should be impounded. System should be that such defaulters of public-money may not be allowed to remain in legislature with serious attempts made to make Vijay Malalya resign/sacked from membership of Parliament.  

It is indeed surprising and shocking that such steps were not initiated by Union government till now despite families of staff of Kingfisher Airlines not being paid salary for last so many months leading to suicide by wife of a staffer of the notorious airlines. Strange are systems of our country where a person controlling number of companies is not compelled to draw funds of his money-minting companies to bail out his other company on verge of bankruptcy. 

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