Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Traffic Rights to Private Airlines to Fly Abroad

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Sept 5, 2012

The Government has not given approval to the domestic private airlines to fly abroad on the rights of Air India, said Ajit Singh, minister of civil aviation in parliament.

 Details of traffic rights granted to private airlines to fly abroad:-

Traffic rights effective Summer 12: 

SpiceJet – 7 services/week for Delhi-Kabul, Delhi-Guangzhou, Madurai-Colombo, Hyderabad-Bangkok, Trivandrum-Male, Cochin-Male, Delhi-Dubai, Mumbai-Dubai, Delhi-Hong Kong, Delhi-Riyadh.

Jet Airways – 4 services/week on Guwahati-Dhaka, 7 services/week each on Mumbai-Chittagong, Kochi-Kuwait, Mumbai-Kuwait, Trivandrum-Dubai, Chennai-Colombo-Male, Mumbai-Singapore, Delhi-Singapore, Mumbai-Dar es Salaam, Kolkata-Bangkok.

Indigo – 7 services/week each on Kolkata-Kathmandu, Chennai-Singapore, Hyderabad-Singapore, Delhi-Bangkok, Chennai-Dubai, Delhi-Dubai, Hyderabad-Dubai, Cochin-Dubai, Mumbai-Jeddah.

Traffic rights granted effective Winter 12: 

Jet Airways – 7 services/week on Bangalore – Brussels – Chicago /SanFrancisco/ Washington D.C., Mumbai-Paris, Delhi-Munich, Chennai-Munich, Bangalore-Munich, Mumbai-Frankfurt, Mumbai-Munich.

Operation of any airlines is based on its own assessment of commercial returns. Air India has been allocated full traffic rights as per their plan, submitted effective Summer 2012 and winter 2012. Traffic rights to private airlines have been given from the balance traffic rights available as per Air Services Agreement of the concerned country, said Singh.

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