Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bell- 206 pax survive- What happened?

Neelam Mathews
Sept 1, 2012

Even as the team of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Gandhinagar Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) officials launch an inquiry into Aug 29th helicopter crash at Godhra in which Asaram Bapu and two others had a narrow escape, Aerospace Diary learns the pilot could have been descending too fast trying to land within the “H” marked on the ground.

 However, DGCA officials have said the cause of the accident could be an improper landing site. Something confirmed by Captain Ravindra Singh, who said the helicopter had started shaking moments before landing, causing imbalance. “In that case, I decided to apply more power for a fair landing as my main concern was the safety of passengers. All this happened in just three seconds. It was a controlled landing. But as the soil on which it landed was slippery, the chopper skidded and lay tilted on the ground,” he said.

One applauds the solid Bell 206!

Any thoughts?

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