Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Exclusive! MRH- India breaks its own record-again!

Neelam Mathews
Aug 29, 2012

India’s delays and indecision are legendary and now, once again, it has broken its own record for sluggishness. Even as the clock ticks, the Indian rupee slides further making procurement dearer and as the world awaits a decision on the Navy's 16 multi-role helicopters (MRH), Aerospace Diary learns the two vendors –NHI (NH-90) and Sikorsky (S-70B) have been informed they must extend their bids by six months (until January 2013).

After that what? A rebid or cancellation even as the navy gets more desperate for the machines. This is becoming a joke.

The 16 helicopters are to replace the Navy's ageing Westland Sea King fleet. Even the soon to be retired Navy Chief had stressed these were required

The message is getting clearer and louder. Yes we are being sought by the world for our procurement budget. Yes, we are getting more arrogant by the day. Yes, we are sending a message to the world that we don’t really mean business.
                                 Photo: Sea King


  1. Thanks Neelam,
    You know I am die hard but the issue has to be solved between user QR's and what the "super smart" procurement teams require to qualify. How many programs have we seen go away or delay years as a result. I hate to say this but the Fighter is not done yet either... Everyone is getting hyped about PSU joint ventures and Commercial Industry participation when the real news is how do you get a procurement through in a reasonable time for products being used daily around the world but not good enough for India. It pains me as I believe the path to progress is modernization of the defense force resulting on a technology based manufacturing hub.

  2. Thank You for your comments. Hope somebody takes note. Keep writing! Cheers. Neelam