Friday, May 4, 2012

Is the government using the media as its mouthpiece? Who knows what anymore?

Neelam Mathews
May 4, 2012

The government has cancelled the security clearance of Ravi Rishi-owned Global Vectra Helicorp, says the electronic media. Interestingly, calls to the Global Vectra office were met with surprise and the fact they were answering phones, said it all! They had no idea!

Yet, we had Ajit Singh, minister of civil aviation, informing the press that following a Minister of Home Affairs directive, security clearance was cancelled and licenses of the company’s helicopters would be pulled out by the DGCA. Nobody knows, nor is there any statement to say this has happened.

“With great surprise we have seen today’s news on a TVchannel regarding GVHL’s security clearance. We wish to state that GVHL has not received any information or communication from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, DGCA nor Ministry of Home Affairs, nor from any other Authority, that the security clearance of this company has been withdrawn. We are presently investigating this news item and we will supply further information at a later stage. GVHL is a public listed company and all our offshore and onshore operations are continuing as normal as per schedule,” says a statement.

So, what is happening here? Given that as yet, there is no proof in court that the company is guilty and even if CBI has powers to do so, does the news have to be “leaked” to the media without informing a company who you chose as your partner?

What happens then to the hundreds of Tatra trucks, launchers etc? And what about the offshore services to the oil rigs? Who stands to benefit is the question…………………

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