Thursday, May 31, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Dassault taps suppliers for Rafale

Neelam Mathews
May 31, 2012

Spurred by the MMRCA win for the Rafale, Dassault Aviation that will need to honor 50% offsets once awarded the contract, recently entered into an MoU with Reliance Industries for pursuing strategic opportunities of collaboration in the area of complex manufacturing and support in India, held a suppliers meet at The Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi on May 31. A HAL team was also present.

Around 22 vendors attended the meet for Dassault to identify its  tier one, two and three suppliers, Aerospace Diary learns.

“It  is still not clear if the production agency will be Reliance because that would violate the terms of agreement of the RFP,” an MoD official says. He adds: "Reliance will possibly be the tier one partner to HAL. There can be a thin prime and very thick tier one."  While Reliance does not have a license as yet, it will only be applied for subsequent to clearance from MoD.

Aerospace Diary learns HAL has taken land at Coimbatore to set up the facility.

It is believed that it highly unlikely that Reliance will enter into a JV with HAL, “as Reliance will never want to be a minority player,” says an industry official. “Reliance will probably work under supervision of HAL,” he adds.

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