Monday, April 2, 2012

An emotional appeal- but does it come from the heart?

April 2, 2012

Neelam Mathews

This emotional appeal went out to all Kingfisher staff for whom the fifth month without pay has started.

Aerospace Diary recently learnt of a heart rendering story of a family suffering as a result of their only earning member with ailing Kingfisher who had to resort to getting financial help from a temple!

There is a lot of scepticism amongst the employees- once bitten twice shy- whether they will actually get the promised amount. Even competitive carriers that were absorbing KFA staff with starting bonuses are putting a stop to it as they await the final bell to get employees at the lowest salaries possible.

 Dear Colleague

Further to my earlier mail and media statement, I am pleased to advise you that the formalities of un-freezing our bank accounts was completed yesterday following our payment of Rs 44 crores to the Income Tax and Rs 20 crores to the Service Tax authorities before March 31st.

My only focus now is to start paying your seriously overdue salaries.

All junior staff will be paid before Easter ie on Wednesday April 4th. All Pilots and Engineers will be paid on Monday April 9th and Tuesday April 10th.

For your kind information, we have 3 Bank holidays this coming week - April 2nd/5th and 6th.

We have managed to keep the lights on in our days of darkness with adversity from every conceivable direction.

The freeze of our accounts and consequent IATA suspension, the resultant loss of the BSP booking platform, the adverse media blitz and the loss of customer confidence are all serious challenges that we have survived.

All the credit goes to each one of you who have gone to great personal sacrifice for the best interests of your Company and your guests.

We need to re-build confidence and earn the trust from our guests back again. I have been overwhelmed with emotion to receive several mails from our King Club members expressing continuing loyalty and wishing that we quickly regain our position as India's single largest Airline. This will not be possible without your continued efforts, commitment and goodwill towards your Company.

Any flight disruptions and guest inconvenience will destroy all our efforts which is exactly what our competitors want and I suspect the media wants as well so as to satisfy their breaking news headlines. I appeal to you not to play into their hands.

Starting this week, I am going to be personally available at each major station for one day a week to listen to the concerns of all staff at all levels.

Despite all my other commitments to UB Companies, I am personally passionate about and committed to your Airline.

Please stand by me and strengthen my hands.

Let's fly with confidence. Let's not become fodder for media and competition to feed off. After all, we have pride and self respect.

I look forward to your continued commitment for which I am truly grateful.

Warm Regards

Vijay Mallya

Member of Parliament
Chairman and Managing Director
A UB Group Company

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  1. he sends such mails every month to the employees . I know of a person whose mother is a cancer patient and the poor fellow is waiting for his dues to continue with the treatment .

    wish the IPL team helped to create pressure to clear dues by deciding to boycott the IPL and to represent the king of good times . But thats too emotional and we live in a practical world .