Thursday, March 1, 2012

Head of state flies A400M

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
March 1, 2012

King Juan Carlos I of Spain has today become the first head of state to fly in the Airbus Military A400M new-generation military airlifter which is assembled in Seville. With Airbus Chief Test Pilot Military, Edward "Ed" Strongman, and Experimental Test Pilot, Ignacio “Nacho” Lombo, the King of Spain made a local flight of some 40 minutes from the Torrejón base near Madrid.

During the flight the King, who qualified as a military pilot, took control of the aircraft for 20 minutes at around 10,000 feet altitude and performed a series of manoeuvres including turns and a simulated delivery of humanitarian supplies.

The King was accompanied by the Spanish Industry Minister, José Manuel Soria, the president and CEO of Airbus, Tom Enders, the president and CEO of Airbus Military, Domingo Ureña and the Head of Flight and Integration tests of Airbus, Fernando Alonso.

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  1. Hope, those related to defence procurements and evaluations does this in India so that they get a first hand experience and understand what exactly the defence needs are.