Friday, February 24, 2012

Tech Initiatives in 2012 - Malaysian Airlines leads the way on Cloud Computing

Neelam Mathews
Singapore Air Show
Breaking free from the shackles of legacy technology to embrace the benefits of high-speed, high-capacity computing power, Malaysia Airlines, became the first carrier last year to introduce a successful pilot of IT provider, SITAs Desktop-as-a-Service, the air transport community cloud computing services. Having completed a number of projects, it is now moving forward to the next phase of going online to use cloud as part of its mainstream operations, says Damian. J. Hickey, Regional Vice President, Sales & Relationship management, South Asia & India to AIN.

 SITAs Command Center in Singapore launched in October last year includes a Cloud processing Center to support its airline clients looking at moving their operations to Cloud. The company says it is in discussions with many large Asian carriers with announcements to de made on their decision to adopt Cloud Computing this year.

In view of the restructuring of MAS (it made a swap deal with AirAsia last year) and change in management, the MAS wish list, says a representative, Cloud will give it flexibility and agility in supporting business needs of network expansion and mobile workforce, improved quality of service and data protection, alongwith a streamlined support model.

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