Monday, January 30, 2012

Indian SME signs JV

Neelam Mathews
Jan 30, 2012
Hyderabad's privately owned Small and Medium Enterprise company, Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools into manufacturing of precision engineering parts for Aerospace and Defense industries has entered  into a joint venture with Industria de Tuberias Aeronauticas(ITA), a Spanish company and Reginson Engineering Ltd ("Reginson"), a British Company.

The JV will be named "Reginson India" and will have three partners, each contributing the right mix with ITA providing the market access , Reginson providing the product know how, and Raghu Vamsi providing the local market knowledge and industrial capabilities. The JV will manufacture machined components designed to be assembled into rigid and flexible pipes or ducts, i.e. End Fittings for Aircraft Engines.
The JV will invest Rs 25crore in 3 phases - Rs 10 Crores in the first year with a target of Rs 100 crores in the next 5 years. The joint venture is (possibly) the first of its kind in engine components manufacturing for the aerospace market in India. With plans  to spend $100 billion on new aircraft,and defense equipment, this augurs well for the industry, said Vamsi Vikas, Managing Director of Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools

ITA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Industria de Turbos Propulsores S.A, ("ITP" (Subsidiary of Rolls Royce & Sener Aerospace), a leading Spanish company in the aero engines global market, partner to many commercial Original Engine Manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, General Electric, Pratt & Whittney and Honeywell. Additionally, ITP is principal partner in key European military engines including the EJ200 for the Eurofighter, TP400 (A400M) or the 390E (helicopter Tiger). ITA is a leading global pipes and ducts manufacturer in the aero engines market segment, with some presence also in the aircraft and renewable energy segments.

Reginson is a known connection accessories provider for the aerospace industry based in the UK.

Raghu Vamsi over the past one decade has been into the manufacture of high end and high quality precision parts, supplying parts to Aerospace & Defense Sector in India and abroad.


  1. Good to read your Blog Ms.Neelam

    News on our JV has made me to find a good blog on all the aerospace info.

    -- Vamsi Vikas

  2. Thanks Vikas- do keep reading!

    Have a question from one our readers- Does the 26% limit on FDI apply to the JV “Reginson India”? (one suspects it does)

    If so, how are ownership and investment divided among the three investors?

    Do let us know

  3. Reginson India Will be based out of Hyderabad?

  4. Thank you for providing clear information on this. you can also refer Precision Machined Components Manufacturers .