Monday, December 19, 2011

Rafael recognized

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
Dec 19, 2011

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. received recognition from the US Department of Defense and the US Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) last month for its continued support of the US Army in its operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, says the company.

Director of the DCMA Charlie E. Williams Jr., presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Lova Drori, Rafael's Corporate VP of Marketing and expressed the U.S. Department of Defense's appreciation for outstanding support and delivery of quality battle proven armor products.

The certificate further cited Rafael for providing "exceptional support to the United States Department of Defense and for being an outstanding Industry partner in the production of Reactive Armor for the Stryker and Bradley Fighting Vehicles. "The certificate also highlighted Rafael's "contribution to the survivability of the United States service members in harm's way, and to its commitment to delivering quality hardware in an expeditious manner, leading to unmatched support to the warfighter."

Giora Katz, Corporate Vice President and GM of Rafael's Land and Naval Sector said: "Rafael is proud to be the main supplier, together with his partner General Dynamics, of reactive armor protection systems to the U.S Army. These systems play an important role in the survivability of U.S. forces operating in dangerous areas, and they are in use by other  forces around the world, including the IDF and NATO countries."

Rafael's reactive armor is part of a larger family consisting of passive, reactive and active protection systems including Rafael's TROPHY for active protection of armored vehicles, which have all been proven on the battlefield.

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