Monday, December 19, 2011

Qantas Agreement with ALAEA

The terms of the Agreement with the warring Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers’ Association (ALAEA), a federally registered Australian organisation that represents the industrial, technical and professional interests of Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) has been agreed to with Qantas,says Steve Purvinas, Federal Secretary.

The main items include-
• 4 year Agreement back dated to Jan this year.
• 3% Jan 2011
• Level in pay system Jan 2012, new lvl 16
• 3% Jan 2013
• Level in pay system Jan 2014, new level 17
• Quotas and restriction move up 2012 and 2014
• $22 per week to all LAMEs for holding EASA licences (unless already being paid it)
• Job security for existing functions
• Training bond of 17k for all aircraft types
• Roster vote moves from 66% to 50% plus one.

Two other two unions of pilots and ground staff are still under dispute.

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