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In Parliament today- Dec 21. Defense Minister Replies

Neelam Mathews

Tunnel at Zozila Pass

The contract for feasibility study of a tunnel at Zozila Pass was awarded to iBilt Technology, on 29.4.2009. Survey is under progress for the feasibility of tunnel at the Zozila Pass and other locations along this axis to Leh and is in advanced stage. It is likely to be completed by March 2012. Decision about construction of tunnel would depend on the outcome of the feasibility study.
Permanent base of Indian Coast Guard
There is no proposal before the government to set up a permanent base of Indian Coast Guard at Nerul in Navi Mumbai. Government has already initiated several measures for strengthening the maritime security of the entire coast in the country including the Navi Mumbai area. Besides increasing the assets and manpower of Coast Guard and Navy, Joint Operation Centres (JOCs) have been established and intelligence mechanism has been strengthened. Further joint operational exercises are taking place on regular basis among the Navy, the Coast Guard, the Coastal State Police, customs and others in order to check the effectiveness of the integrated approach adopted for the coastal security.
DRDO- Developments

Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is primarily engaged in design and development of strategic, complex and security sensitive systems. Over the three years, DRDO has developed a number of defense equipment which have been used by the Defense Forces. Some of the significant systems are Flame Retardant Flying Clothing, such as Flying Overall, Flying Gloves for Pilots of Light Combat Aircraft, Flame Retardant Life Preserver Unit for Sea/Land Survival Aid Protection, Extreme Cold Climate Clothing, Anti-g Suit, Combat Free Fall System, Battery Heated Shoe Insoles, Submarine Escape Set, Helicopter Oxygen System, High Altitude Bio-digester, Auto Injector, Herbal Adjuvant, Lightweight (300 gm & 2 kg versions) Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs), Aerostat Health Monitoring System (AHMS), Short Span Bridging System (5 m & 10 m), Netra Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - for Aerial Surveillance, Remotely Operated Vehicle for IED Handling, Riot Control Vehicle, Bullet Proof Lightweight Vehicle, Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Electro-Optic Fire Control System, Lightweight Laser Target Designator cum Imager, Compact Lightweight Mobile Satcom Terminal, Laser Ordnance Disposal System, Grenades, Plastic Bullets, Combat Net Radio (CNR), S-Band Briefcase Satcom Terminals, Combat Identification of Friend or Foe Systems for Armed Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), Laser Dazzler, Small Arm Systems, NBC Protection System, Performance Enhancement Drugs, etc. Besides these, DRDO has filed 313 patents and granted 126 patents during the last three years. 

State Police are getting benefits by using DRDO developed systems/technologies. Some of them are Less Lethal Plastic Bullets, Grenades, Riot Control Vehicle, etc. Chandigarh Police is testing DRDO developed Lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for surveillance purpose.
On Kaveri

So far 9 prototypes of Kaveri engines and 4 prototypes of Kabini (Core) engines have been developed. Total 2050 hours of testing have been conducted on various Kaveri and Kabini engines at ground and altitude conditions for various requirements including performance, operability, endurance, environmental, etc. Two major milestones viz. successful completion of Official Altitude Testing (OAT) and completion of first block of flights of Kaveri engine in Flying Test Bed (FTB) has demonstrated the technological capability and maturity of this indigenous effort. Kaveri engine prototype (K9) was integrated with IL-76 aircraft at Gromov Flight Research Institute (GFRI), Russia and flight tests have been successfully carried out up to 12 km maximum forward altitude and a maximum forward speed of 0.7 Mach No. Twenty seven flights for 55 hours duration have been completed on IL-76. Critical subsystems and its associated knowledge know-how and know-why has been acquired in association with Indian public & private sector industries, including certification methodologies.
Presently, there is no dedicated Defense Research and Development wing for the Indian Air Force (IAF), All design and development projects for the IAF are undertaken by the DRDO.

A well structured and institutionalized planning process is in place for capability development and modernization of the Indian Army. As part of this process, the Army is implementing a focused plan to build up the capability of the Army by force accretions and force modernization. The process is based on a 15 year Long Term Perspective Plan (LTPP), five year Services Capital Acquisition Plan (SCAP) and Annual Acquisition Plan (AAP). Procurement of required equipment and ammunitions is carried out as per the AAP in accordance with the Defense Procurement Procedure and Defense Procurement Manual. Adequate funds are made available by the Government to meet the requirements of Indian Army for procurement of defense equipment and ammunitions.
The budgetary allocations and total expenditure on defense purchases {Revenue and Capital) during the years 2007-08 to 2010-11 in respect of Indian Army are given below:

(Rs. in Crore)


Budget Estimates (BE)

Modified Appropriations (MA)

Total Expenditure




















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