Friday, October 21, 2011

Government to overstretch arm?

Neelam Mathews
Oct 21, 2011

A story filed by Tushar Srivastava in The Hindustan Times says the government is likely to offer a Rs 26,000-crore bailout package for ailing national carrier Air India (AI) through a mix of debt transfer and equity infusion.

The story- a front pager- indicates, if followed through, the plan will be the biggest alms package to a PSU.

Before this happens, hopefully, a follow-up plan on the restructuring of the carrier will be clearly laid out following discussions with its main assets- the people. This is something managements have forgotten to do in the past and look where it landed their subsidiaries which never took off?

And ofcourse, can we forget the encounter with Star Alliance?

Hopefully the nth time around, there is hope. 

Else Mr Prime Minister, please have mercy on us inflation-hit common(people) tax payers!


  1. in the case of air india the decission is not in the hand of government
    air india is governed by siv sena and MNS
    and i personal hate their interference
    because of their politics we people sufer

  2. Every organization has a culture. It changes slower than the people in it are changed. Unless 70 percent of the personnel are changed almost instantaneously, Air India will not change. Even then, its image may carry on as a burden on the changed organization. The only way to fix Air India is to dissolve the company and sell its assets to a newly formed private company.