Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HAL gets new MD for its Bangalore Complex

Neelam Mathews
Sept 6, 2011

K Naresh Babu is Hindustan  Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), new Managing Director (Bangalore Complex)

Prior to this, he was General Manager  (Planning) at HAL Corporate Office.

He now heads nine full-fledged  divisions including one R&D Centre, engaged in
manufacture, overhaul and supply of Fighter/Trainer aircraft, Aero-engines, Industrial Marine Gas Turbines, Aerospace Launch Vehicle Structures and Satellite Structures in addition to Facility Management  of Bangalore based Divisions,  HAL Estate and Medical & Health for  Bangalore based employees.

Naresh Babu will be responsible for the completion of ongoing Projects/Programmes like Hawk, LCA, IJT, .

K Naresh Babu joined HAL in November 1976. He began  his career at Overhaul Division, Bangalore as Engineer looking after  the Repair/Overhaul activities of Instrument and Radio Accessories. He became General Manager of Overhaul Division in 2008. He spearheaded Repair and Overhaul of aircraft like Jaguar, Kiran, Mirage.  At  the Corporate Office his job  profile was assessment of new projects of the Company, evaluation of  business viability of the projects, monitoring of production and  design programs of all the Divisions and R&D Centers of HAL.

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