Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thai Airways to fly to Brussels

Posted by- Neelam Mathews

July 2, 2011

Thai Airways International is raising its presence in Europe. Starting its winter operations, the first connection  to the city from SouthEast Asia, it will fly thrice weeklies between Brussels and Bangkok.
The Boeing B777-200 ER will be equipped in a two-class configuration offering 262 seats in economy class and 30 seats in Royal Silk Class.
Thai Airways has been eying the sector for at least two years, following Brussels Airlines' entry into Star Alliance.
The airline is also launching its first direct flights from Copenhagen to Phuket sarting om November 11 using a Boeing 747-400.
Last year, arrivals from Europe to Thailand reached 4.42 million visitors, representing 28% of its international arrivals, From Europe, Scandinavian travelers were close to 640,000 arrivals, a market share of 14.5%. Denmark alone accounted in 2010 for 152,000 travelers, up by 5.2% over 2009.
There were 80,000 arrivals in 2010 from Belgium. Most of the Dutch living in the Southern part of the Netherlands are said to favor Brussels as their departure gateway.

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