Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IT Glitch in T3?

Neelam Mathews
June 29, 2011

Flights were delayed by around 15-30 minutes following the back-office system 
of check-ins defaulted with airlines having to check-in manually.
“We are working at getting things stabilized, after which we will have inquiry into the reason this occurred,” an official of the Delhi International Airport told Aerospace Diary.

Last year, DIAL delayed the opening of Terminal 3 in part due to information technology (IT) problems. 

It is not clear whether power problems led to the shutdown.

ARINC installed passenger systems in 2010 at T3 and completed a similar project in 2009, for IGIA’s domestic Terminal 1D. 

The T3 project is massive, involving deployment of more than 550 ARINC passenger check-ins and ARINC’s Baggage Messaging. ARINC also worked in partnership with Quantum Aviation Solutions to install 90 hand-held scanners for the automated baggage reconciliation system (BRS) to handle 12,800 pieces of baggage per hour. Network connectivity across the airlines’ DCS hosts and back offices is provided by ARINC’s technology.

To enhance security, ARINC has deployed the first implementation of VeriPax at T3. Security agencies use VeriPax to automatically validate boarding passes against the airport’s operational database, to prevent fraudulent passengers from entering the secure hold area.

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