Friday, April 29, 2011

U.S asks for de-brief on MMRCA shortlist

Neelam Mathews
April 29, 2011
Time: 5PM IST

Expressing disappointment over the two U.S companies Lockheed Martin and Boeing not having made it to the shortlist of the MMRCA competition, U.S Ambassador to India Timothy J Roemer said to Aerospace Diary at the American Chamber in Delhi today: “The companies are second to none in the world.“

The MoD has been approached by the U.S for a debrief on non-compliance issues on basis of which they were disqualified that were submitted to the vendors.

The MoD had not responded to the request at time of going online.

“We respect the Indian procurement process, (but) are deeply disappointed ….our technology can lock on to targets 80-90 miles away…(We) don’t believe anybody has that capability now,” said Roemer.

While some U.S companies have taken the decision hard and many feel the India- U.S relationship might be at a low ebb, Roemer assured the relationship was a partnership in intelligence, technology, space and homeland security, “that would only deepen in the next years.”

This relationship is global and not based on one successful deal or unsuccessful deal,” Roemer told Aerospace Diary.

While Roemer said, “Our relationship with India is not perfect, nobody’s is,” he called for India to liberalize its Foreign Direct Investment regime and improve transparency in doing business.

Transparency in India, many OEMs say, has not as yet reached the level A.K Antony, defense minister has often emphasized.

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