Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Air India and Indian Airlines get a common code

March 29, 2011
Time: 9.30pm IST
Neelam Mathews

Moving a step further to its entry into Star Alliance, Air India says that the first milestone in its modernization process has been completed with the migration of Air India and Indian Airlines to SITA’s Horizon Passenger Services System (PSS).

SITA completed this complex migration to the new PSS in a record 293 days. This included the transfer of over  half a million Passenger Name Records (PNRs).

SITA is working with Air India to incorporate additional capabilities and further customize its service delivery.  The PSS platform will enable Air India to increase revenue channels and offer promotional campaigns through its website. In addition, SITA’s system will result in reduced costs of sales distribution for Air India.

“I am pleased that Air India and SITA teams have worked closely together to achieve this crucial milestone in record time. ….This migration will also bring significant cost savings, efficiencies and improvements in passenger services and yields,” Arvind Jadhav, Chairman and Managing Director, Air India, said

“We continue to provide the airline with network connectivity, desktop infrastructure and associated support at all its domestic and international stations in addition to solutions for check-in, air-to-ground communications, fares management and baggage tracing. ….,”  Maneesh Jaikrishna, SITA Country Director, South Asia and India said.

SITA has been an important partner to the Indian air transport industry for over half a century of innovations. These include the first common use check-in and baggage management systems, air-ground communications and airport management systems.

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