Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Indian Air Force C-130J Arrives

Aerospace Daily
Feb 5, 2011

NEW DELHI — The first of six Lockheed Martin C-130J transport aircraft is being introduced into the Indian air force on Feb. 5 at the Hindon air base near New Delhi.

The second C-130J will be handed over by late February/March, with the next two deliveries made by late April/May and the final two by October.

A C-130J simulator will be delivered by year’s end.

The air force has not yet decided who will be responsible for maintenance of the fleet at the end of the contract timeline. “We could have little, none or a large role to play in support solutions [after three years],” says Orville Prins, Lockheed Martin’s PROGRAMS vice president for business development in India.

The company also is in talks for the tanker version of the C-130J. “It can function as a tanker for helicopters and fighters,” Prins says. “The KC-130J with a roll-on/roll-off system shows the mission flexibility of the C-130J.”

In the air, the KC-130J offers a 57,500-lb. fuel offload capacity using wing and external tanks, and a 500- nm operating radius. The aircraft can fuel fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft using the standard probe and drogue systems. The aircraft also functions without the fuselage tank, so cargo can be carried on the same mission
- Neelam Mathews

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