Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ramco Makes Major Inroads In India With Pending Hyderabad Airport Contract


Aviation Daily Sep 16 , 2010 , p. 16
Neelam Mathews

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. will very soon award its entire information technology contract to Ramco Systems, The DAILY has learned.

The project will be operational in April 2011. Ramco was not available for comment.

The contract will be one of the first work orders for Ramco's entire system in India. The project value is unknown.

Ramco’s Aviation Group provides functionality for integrating a wide range of operations from maintenance planning and scheduling, line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance, reliability and engineering and technical records to human resource management, purchasing, inventory, warranty, maintenance financials, third-party maintenance and sales. The applications are tightly integrated and capable of operating stand-alone as required.

The suite of aviation and MRO software components is also adaptable for integration with existing applications.

In an unrelated development, Ramco announced it is aiming to have 20-25% growth in revenue for the current financial year owing to demand from verticals, including aviation, manufacturing and government.

The company is also planning a rights issue, although Managing Director and CEO P.R. Venketrama Raja said he could not comment on the time frame for the rights issue “as it depends on when we get approval.”

Ramco will soon announce a large contract, which it will sign next month with an airline in the Americas and a Letter of Intent with an international airline, an official said.

“Growth in India from infrastructure and support systems will continue, and this market is very significant for us,” says Jim Fitzgerald, president of Ramco Global Aviation Solutions.

"Airlines [in India] are looking at strategies to get costs under control and simplify processes….[it is about] being user-friendly in a complex industry," says Fitzgerald. "Ramco systems' forte is functionality, ease of use and simplicity," he adds.

Ramco was also selected by Air Works for specific MRO software work for its Commercial and General Aviation MRO operations throughout India.

The company was selected by Indianapolis-based Republic Airways Holdings for its entire suite of maintenance, MRO, analytics, e-publications and enterprise financial applications, which goes live in two weeks.

Ramco Aviation recently introduced its Version 5.2 as part of an effort to simplify the processes by which people interact with IT systems. Version 5.2 expands the centralized graphical planning board, providing planners with full visibility into materials, man-power, tools and ground-time constraints. All maintenance due can be displayed within the new interface, thereby reducing the opportunity for errors and maximizing the use of available ground time.

“We are very proud of the Series 5 product and the newest advancements in usability and functional additions delivered in Version 5.2. These concepts will continue to be perpetuated in our products throughout the Series 5 lifecycle," says Fitzgerald.

Ramco is a global provider with customers in 35 countries and more than 1,800 employees in nine countries.

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