Sunday, August 16, 2015

Is Indian FICV too ambitious?

05th August 2015 - 9:38 by Neelam Mathews in Delhi
India has re-started its Future Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) programme but industry is not convinced it will come to fruition.
An Indian OEM has told Shephard that developing prototype vehicles requires a significant amount of investment and the specifications are too demanding.
‘The project is long winded as it involves forming partnerships with foreign vendors and a customised design for the FICV according to the complicated needs proposed by the Indian Army,’ the OEM said.
‘No company will invest capability on the basis of a probability of being chosen…. Besides the specs are too demanding for the project to see light of day,’ the company added.
The Ministry of Defence has issued an Expression of Intent (EOI) to ten bidders for approximately 2600 FICV for the Indian Army. 
The government’s FICV brief states the multi-role platform should move alongside armoured (tanks), provide fire-support for guns, have amphibious capability to cross rivers and be air portable. 
An official told Shephard the high indigenous content specified was unlikely to be met in India: ‘Engine, ........more on Shephard (subscribe)

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