Friday, May 16, 2014

Letter from US to PM

Neelam Mathews
May 16, 2014

Even as the US President,possibly, is weighing the wordage of a congratulatory letter to India's soon to be Prime Minister Narendra Modi, proactive 'India First Group' has written a note to NaMo, perhaps reverbrating the sentiments of the private sector in the US anxious to do business with India.
Founder and CEO of the company Ron Sommers who spent a long stint with USIBC, writes from Washington apparently talking of what's uppermost in most minds- hope and change:

Dear Sir:
I write this congratulatory note with great excitement and anticipation. I can only imagine your sense of accomplishment. The hard work of three terms as Chief Minister and the
hundreds of rallies carried out across India will now hopefully allow you some brief respite to reflect on the historic mandate delivered to you by the Indian electorate. Clearly, the
people have voted for change -change from scandal, change from status quo, change for the hope of progress and opportunity. You personify this hope.
Sir, I have formed India First Group to help guide American investors to India...... Please know I am prepared to dedicate all my efforts to helping build to greatness the Indo-U.S. commercial relationship, realizing its full potential.
Feel free to contact me at any time, at any hour, and I shall be there to support the country and the U.S.-India relationship with all my heart.
With warmest regards and heartiest congratulations on your triumphant success.

Ron Somers
Founder and CEO
India First Group, LL

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