Friday, April 4, 2014

Finally! GA Body speaks its mind

Posted by- Neelam Mathews
April 4, 2014

There is change in the air. Government bodies will need to understand their God-like status is waning. And why not? Business is about partnerships.

Almost on cue, Please see our story of April 2 - 
BAOA has lashed out at DGCA. All we can say is, it’s about time. Two partners shouldn’t wash their dirty linen in public. Pity the DGCA wasn’t open enough to discuss this internally. Hopefully it won’t become a war fought in the media.

Here is the Statement by BAOA Secy RK Bali
Business Aviation industry is deeply distressed by DGCA casting aspersions on Non Scheduled Operators by selectively leaking observations of its routine checks in public forums. Most of the cases brought to light have been minor and level 2 observations which do not even prescribe the grounding of aircrafts or penalties.
The reports in media initiated by DGCA are a clear attempt to detract attention from the essence of this issue and shift blame of FAA downgrade on to the Private Aircraft Operator. It is important to note that the FAA downgrade has no direct relation to Non Scheduled Operators in specific and is more a result of deficiencies on the regulator’s part. 

The Operators have always cooperated with DGCA, even at times when the entire Indian NSOP fleet was barred from flying abroad, claiming significant loss of operations for close to 4 months.
The Private Operators in India operate more than 552 aircraft and are being frequently used by the business leaders of the country to extend their reach

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