Sunday, March 23, 2014

Exclusive- Where is the GA Policy?

Neelam Mathews
March 23, 2014

It is now nearing two years since the ICAO team alongwith Indian General Aviation (GA) experts sat down and through 3 months of painstaking work, worked on a draft of the GA policy. Where is it?
The 45-day model code of conduct seems to have become an excuse for putting down pen and paper or rather laptops.
AerospaceDiary addressed the buried policy at the Hyderabad air show to a senior government official. The question was not even understood, giving an inkling on how little focus there is. And, that in the background of the FAA downgrade, which sadly started with issues related to GA. The answer, we got, by the way, related to the draft aviation policy- which is another issue festering in the cobwebs of India's aviation history.
As a nation we should by now, matured enough to understand that, yes GA is for those who can afford it, but, it also helps in productivity and efficiency of industry that gives employment to thousands who are ultimate beneficiaries.
MOCA, its time to pull up your socks. Yes, its good to tighten checks within the rule book, but please move on and show you are serious by having the gumption to move on the policies.
And, DGCA, at the risk of being pelted, will really need to clean up its image. The horror stories and smirks on the very mention of DGCA by operators, is making many of us hang our heads in shame.

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