Wednesday, July 3, 2013

AirAsia India-The new kid on the block

What is Mittu thinking? (pix-neelam mathews)
Neelam Mathews
June 3, 2013

These days, when Tony Fernandes speaks, he makes news. Suspect the quiet guy sitting next to him in a suit, his new CEO for India, Mittu Chandilya, isn't as silent as he seems. Tony promises Mittu will have fewer hair on his head in a few years if he does things right! Given the challenges ahead, we suspect it'll take less than that. Add to that a red cap and t-shirt ofcourse!
Of the the little we have heard, Mittu is working overtime to start India operations, we are told, will start in October. We are also hearing,the AA India Chennai hub has a few issues that need to sorted out. But Tony has clearly said he has no complaints about bureaucracy in India. For his sake and the sake of Indian aviation going through an upheaval at the moment, we hope he is right- particularly in the context of an impending change in the government.

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  1. For a competitive company like Air Asia of which I am in awe of, it is a defeatist attitude to complain about the existing policies (read international rights). The airlines in India have struggled and endured the tough environment and looks like they want things on a silver platter. It would be great to see them being succesful under the current environment!!!