Saturday, June 29, 2013

Endurance Test

Neelam Mathews
RH- Jun/July 2013

India’s civil helicopter sector is hamstrung by cultural attitudes,regulatory hurdles and a lack of suitable infrastructure and trained personnel. Mike Meyer, CEO of MRO provider Indocopters, talks to Neelam Mathews about present-day realities and future prospects.India’s civil helicopter sector.

In India, general aviation is often equated with elitism and is not recognised as a fundamental tool for business or useful in situations where time is of the essence to speed up point-to-point access to remote areas. However, the country’s largest helicopter sales and maintenance company, Indocopters, is trying to reshape this impression.

While the restrictive mind-set, reinforced by a downturn in the economy in the past year,
may have hit the helicopter business hard, for Indocopters this has been a time for reflection, coordination and steady expansion.
The company is the commercial partner and authorised maintenance centre for Eurocopter in India, and business has been good as regards the popular AS350 B3, according to Indocopters CEO Mike Meyer.


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