Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Service and the saga of the Jet Airways feedback form

Neelam Mathews
May 6, 2013
There is no doubt that many hats are off to Jet Airways for setting standards few could match in India when it started operations and years later. Its two decade history is witness to initiative and innovation.
As it turned 20-years, Chairman Naresh Goyal reiterated: As India’s premier airline, we are committed to offering our guests the very best travel experience both in the skies and on the ground…..(we) will always be nothing but the best, with a truly world-class in-flight product.."
We feel now is the time for introspection as the carrier moves to broader frontiers.
While courtesy extends to all passengers, we  illustrate an example of a recent Gold Card passenger, Mr Verma, (not his real name) who in Mumbai airport, headed for the Jet Privelege counter for a ticket print out that was the start of his horror experience.
This is what transpired:*
Counter official (with no customers) : “This is for platinum class- please go the other counter (did not care to ask Verma if, to start with, he had a Platiunum card. (We’re a poor cousin to Platinum,” he moaned to AerospaceDiary).
Verma stands in aam admi que realizes its getting late for his flight and returns to 6 star que- ticket is printed! Asks for feedback form- not available.
Waits in que for checkin- no feedback form- informed it will be given at gate. Not available again!
Walks into aircraft-mentally fatigued- asks for feeback form- crew busy with meet and greet. *@** says  Verma- “Let Jet work its own issues out- why should I bother to help them if they don’t want to help themselves.”
"A reputation lost is your competitors gain," was the adage over a decade ago- not sure if that works anymore.

*As told to AerospaceDiary. We could not ofcourse confim this.

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