Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jet to shift hub to Amsterdam

Neelam Mathews
May 22, 2013
News is coming in that Etihad CEO James Hogan has announced Jet Airways plans to transfer its European hub from Brussels to Amsterdam's Schiphol.
No time-line was given. Hogan also said that Etihad had no intention of joining Skyteam, but plans to work closely with US member, Delta. Etihad already works closely with KLM covering various destinations on a joint venture arrangement.
Etihad’s daily service to Amsterdam, operated by a two cabin Airbus A330-200 and configured to carry 262 passengers with 22 in  Business Class and 240 in Economy Class, was launched on Wednesday 15 May and carries KLM’s KL code.The launch of the new flights coincides with the addition of 12 new KLM destinations out of Schiphol Airport which now carry Etihad Airways EY code. KLM has also added its KL code to a further six Etihad Airways destinations from its Abu Dhabi hub.
The 12 additional destinations that Etihad Airways customers can now access through codeshare operations with KLM are Stockholm, Aberdeen, Barcelona, Bergen, Birmingham, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Leeds/Bradford and Madrid.
KLM now has its KL code on six Etihad Airways’ flights to Abu Dhabi, Brisbane, Khartoum, Male, Muscat and Seychelles.

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  1. Ohh! that might shift the strategic equations of some companies such as Fokkar...