Wednesday, March 6, 2013

General Aviation- Chalta Hai?

Neelam Mathews
March 6, 2013
A well attended GA conference today brought home a relevant point. The industry was talking to itself. There was no decision maker to listen about where things could be improved and the travails his 'subjects' were suffering from. We are increasingly becoming a nation where mediocrity rules.
This is not the first time - it happens at most conferences in India. The minister comes surrounded by his flunkies, utters a few words which people nod in agreement, and he leaves with his flunkies and a trail of cameras and well meaning journalists who rush back to file their 'exclusives.'
Think it is time that senior government officials take on the responsibility of making an effort to listen to their stakeholders. 
A well intended suggestion by a delegate to the organizers to inform the civil aviation ministry to ensure their attendance at the conference, was met with sniggers. "Americans!" muttered the Indian delegates. "They have no idea about cultural differences." 
Really? Time we learnt something about free speech.
Are we going to continue moving in a cloistered system with a gun on our heads? 


  1. Neelam, what conference was this? I agree with your point though. There is no other news article talking about a GA conference in India

  2. The seminar was organised by IACC in Delhi.