Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RFI for passive surveillance and Elint system

Neelam Mathews
Dec 19, 2012
The Ministry of Defense plans to procure  Passive Surveillance and ELINT System (PSES) for the Indian Air Force, for which an RFI has been released. The last date for submissions is Dec 31.
The first part of the RFI incorporates operational characteristics and features that should be met by the equipment.  Some technical parameters are also mentioned.
The PSES will be used by the Indian Air Force as a ground based system deployed in field areas intelligence, early warning, air  defense, and ground and marine surveillance missions.  Passive surveillance role will be capable of generating a comprehensive Air Situation Picture (ASP) with the help of  reception and processing of chance reflections of other transmissions in the RF spectrum.  The ELINT system will intercept, process, analyse and report all types of Radar transmissions across the complete band of Radar Operation Radio Frequency bands (70 MHz to 40 MHz),says the RFI.
The equipment of the TEC cleared vendors would be put through a trial evaluation on a ‘No Cost No Commitment’ basis as stipulated in the RFP.  A staff evaluation will be carried out by the IAF to analyse the result of field evaluation and shortlist the vendors.

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