Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mr Prime Minister, use a helo and do your voters a favor!

Neelam Mathews
Dec 4, 2012
Its great to hear so much discussion on traffic snarls and VIPs particularly as our few beautiful days of winter, once the Asean meet starts, will be sullied by noise polluting, loud sounding sirens and cars that move at a speed of summer lightening.
Lets face it. Nobody cares as the people who will be affected will be just us- the aam admi, to use Kejriwal's favorite phrase.
With elections around the corner, why doesn't the government pretend as it normally does, to show that it cares? Why not round up all our VIPs that live close to Safdarjung airport and use helicopters from there to fly to Palam straight onto to their VIP mode of air transport? Believe me, people will applaud you! This recommendation comes from one of our regular readers, Ashok Singh. Thank You Ashok! Can somebody bell the cat please!?
Let us remind ourselves that helicopters, and if I may add, business aviation, are no longer an elitist mode of transport in ailing economic times when productivity and efficiency are the mantra. Look at Sao Paulo in Brazil that has 140 helipads- something must be working.
Frankly, if we don't raise a voice against this overbearing attitude of our rulers,we're all-
Credit- lars.toomre.com

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