Monday, December 17, 2012

In Parliament- VVIP Jets, US Mission, UAVs, Tatra

Neelam Mathews
Dec 17, 2012
Replies to questions in Lok Sabha by Defense Minister A.K Antony:

The Indian Air Force (IAF) presently operates Embraer Executive Jets and Boeing Business Jets for VIP I WIP duties. All these aircraft are equipped with Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance Systems and Ground Proximity Warning Systems as anti-collision features. The total cost of procurement of these aircraft and the associated equipment is inclusive of the collision avoidance systems mentioned above. IAF has decided that all aircraft to be procured by them in future will have anti-collision technologies incorporated in them. The type of equipment will depend on the role and operational employability of the aircraft.

The US Government has requested to conduct search and recovery missions in the North East region to recover the remains of US service personnel presumed to have been killed in aircraft crashes in the region during World War II. So far, three such missions have been conducted. All future missions are envisaged to be conducted after due consultation with the relevant agencies in the Central Government and concerned State Governments.

The Depot Level repairs of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are being carried out by Israel Aerospace Industries (lAI), Malat under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). An overpayment of US $ 1,95,940 was made to the vendor in respect of the AMC for the period from 1st November, 2005 to 31st October, 2008, for restoration of damage to three UAVs caused due to accidents, since the AMC did not envisage such repairs. The amount of US $ 1,95,940/- was subsequently refunded by M/s. IAI, Malat on 26th November, 2009. A system of Asset Review Meeting has been incorporated in the recently concluded Joint five year AMC for UAVs of Indian Army and Indian Navy, which was signed with IAI, Malat on 6th May, 2009. The Asset Review Meeting is conducted periodically to review the UAV assets to be covered under AMC for each year, with a view to prevent any overpayment.  

The number of Tatra Trucks with Indian Army is 7,983 and it is about 4% of the total vehicles authorized for use by the Army. At present there is no further procurement of Tatra Trucks and their spare parts.The details of the ongoing projects can not be divulged in the interest of national security.

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