Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exclusive! The saga of the Avro RFP

Neelam Mathews
Nov 26, 2012

Today a number of people were foxed when they read reports on the so called 56 Avros replacement RFP.
Fortunately, AerospaceDiary was able to confirm with the IAF spokesman who made an effort to check it out and let us know that it is still in the "final stages" of processing.
So what is happening to that much touted RFP that was to have private sector participation? Last year in December, OEMs were assured it would be released in 3-4 months. When they met 8 months later, they were assured it would be released in 3-4 months again. 
Hopefully like Rip Van Winkle, the MoD will wake up from its slumber. For things aren't that hunky-dory anymore and money is running out even from the cows they've been used to milking.

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