Sunday, November 11, 2012

ATR 42-600 to Precision Air Services

Posted by-Neelam Mathews
Nov 11, 2012

Tanzanian regional carrier Precision Air Services has taken delivery of the first ATR 42-600 to go into scheduled commercial service. It is also airline's first brand new -600 series aircraft out of 5 (4 ATR 42-600s and 1 ATR 72-600) ordered in December 2011.
The aircraft's first commercial flight should take place upon its arrival in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, when the ATR 42-600 takes off for Kilimanjaro. The second ATR 42-600 will be delivered towards the end of this year with the other deliveries continuing throughout 2013.  The handover of the ATR 72-600 is scheduled for 2014.
ATR also supports Precision Air Services' training needs and in 2006 set up a partnership for certified aeronautical maintenance training for Tanzanian students. Each student spends one academic year at the Aeronautical Technical School in Toulouse, France, and then joins Precision Air Services' maintenance crew in Dar Es Salaam. So far, 12 students have already graduated from these courses and joined the airline. 5 students are currently undergoing intensive training, while 24 more are expected in the coming years.

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