Friday, October 19, 2012

Exclusive! Kingfisher- making a joke of business?

Neelam Mathews
Oct 19, 2012
So, now the buzz between the Kingfisher staff is that Emirates will be buying the airline. Another rumor says the CEO was in London last week to plead to his employer to hire expat crew for the 5 planes they probably want to run. Wonder who started these rumors???? Because by now- with sincere apologies to the KFA remaining staff- you really live up to the saying: "Hope springs eternal in the human breast." 
Moving on, either the airline and the government thinks we the people of India are really stupid or, infact, we really are! I'm begining to think increasingly, we fall into the latter category. Or else why should anybody fall for the third press release sent within a week or two? Here it goes-
Kingfisher Airlines has extended the partial lockout until October 23, 2012. We had a positive meeting with employee representatives on October 17th and are hopeful of reaching common ground when we meet again next week. Currently, we anticipate resuming operations on November 6th, subject to our resumption plan being reviewed and approved by the DGCA. Really? With imaginary crew and planes? You extend a lockout upto Oct23, but say you will start ops on Nov 6? Good way of buying more  time!
How blatant can the government be to show where its intentions lie? Why can't the airline sector really be opened to foreign airlines as per the govt ruling? Or was it opened just to help two and a half airlines? If yes, have the courage to say so.
Can an ailing airline touch such deep lows and nobody around who can make a decision? Why? Is it because nobody wants to bell the cat-or shall we say crouching tiger? What happened to the aam admi suffering as a result?
Arvind Kejriwal, scream your lungs out. Nothing will change for at least a hundred years.

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