Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Retro Experience- Air Astana-When more is less

Neelam Mathews
Sept 15, 2012

Remember the nostalgia associated with flying in the good old days? 

A time when people greeted you with a smile, welcomed you with hot towels and candy, champagne, and a choice of other beverages? When the food tray you got had no place left even for a glass of water instead of today's reality when tray sizes are the same but food has shrunk and you can place a squirrel and still get space for a pretzel pack.
Well, eat your hearts out. On a recent Astana to Almaty trip, it was almost as though time stood still. In 45 minutes, I was served champagne (Tattinger) and almonds. I savored it and then this tray of fresh trout and all the rest you can see in this picture. 

Call it Retro, call it fool hardy and I can almost hear all our carriers chuckling saying to themselves, "How wasteful can an airline be?" 

But, as a satisfied customer, I can tell you that everytime I get a dry sandwich or a half-hearted meal thrown at me on any flight I take, I will remember my Retro meal and wish I was on that one-hour flight in exotic Central Asia again.


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  1. Hi Neelam
    Good to see you again last week. Glad you enjoyed the flight

    John Wainwright