Monday, June 25, 2012

Fact or Fiction?

If this is true, what's happening to us?

Posted by Neelam Mathews

Arvind Kejriwal on Kingfisher

Yesterday I was offloaded from Kingfisher flight to Dharmsala. The entire incident is quite bizarre. Was it just the result of callousness of an airline or was it the handiwork of different forces that are out to sabotage the fight against corruption?

I was on my way to deliver Anna's message in Kangra. I was asked not to board the flight despite undergoing all security checks and having a stamped boarding pass.

Today there is a Public Gathering in Kangra organized by India Against Corruption volunteers. As you must be aware we are on a national yatra to spread Anna.s message related to 25th July across the country. I am on my way to the venue but now by road. Let me take you through the entire incident as it unfolded yesterday.

The flight from Delhi to Dharmsala was scheduled at 2:55 PM yesterday and was delayed by more than 1 hour. I had checked in online and reported good 75 minutes before the departure at the airport counter. Kingfisher staff stamped my boarding pass (attached) and asked me to wait for the boarding call. The boarding was announced around 3:30 PM and I got in the queue to board.

Just at the boarding gate when they scanned my boarding pass the machine gave an error. The Kingfisher staff asked me to step aside. They allowed all the passengers to board the flight while I waited for my turn. Once the boarding was complete they asked me to leave the scene saying that my ticket has been cancelled!!!

I asked them how is it possible that when I have a stamped boarding pass, my ticket has been cancelled. They said that the airlines had called me around 2:45 PM and asked me if I want to fly. According to Kingfisher I answered that call and that too in negative i.e. I said that I do not want to fly. This was ridiculous. First of all I did not answer any such call . the call is still in my missed call list. Secondly, when I had taken the boarding pass, how could the airlines cancel my ticket when I was physically present to board it?

Friends, I have been facing such apathy and I am sure each one of you who has raised his voice must be facing such treatment at some level or the other. Such experiences go onto only strengthen our resolve in the fight against corruption.

Anna.s message has to reach each and every corner of the country and I am on my way to deliver it in Dharamsala.

(Click here to view the boarding pass:

Jai Hind.

Arvind Kejriwal
23rd June 2012

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